CORRECT ME IF I AM RIGHT_——- By Rudolf Okonkwo

I hereby predict that you, President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan, will be the final sacrificial lamb to be burnt on the altar of Nigeria

Right now, you’re carrying a pack of woods on your head, like Isaac the son of Abraham. You’re walking behind your minder and asking sheepishly, “Father, where is the lamb to be used for sacrifice?” Your minder tells you that God will bring the lamb to be used for sacrifice. As you pass bonfire after bonfire, you tell your brethren that it is a burden they have to bear.
Mr. President, the situation of things in Nigeria has set my imagination running wild.
In the light of the accelerating descent into the abyss; the continuing denial of you, Mr. President, and the great majority of the people, that the current structure of the nation is unworkable; and the bunch of uncommitted people placed in charge of that country, I hereby make the following predictions:
Come next year, Nigerians will finally confront the long postponed question: “To be or not to be.” We’ve had the chance to answer the lesser question, “How to be and how not to be.” But we chose to punt. When the time comes, there won’t be any option to revert to the latter question.
Judging from the way things are going, the Boko Haram terrorists will finally force that question on Nigerians. By taking the theatre of the fight into the church, the final and most intricate of all fronts has been opened.
These deductions are fairly easy to arrive at. As it is said in the movie, The American President, when people are thirsty for genuine leadership, “they will crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there is no water they will drink the sand.”
Mr. President, “people do not drink sand because they’re thirsty. People drink sand because they do not know the difference.” The wind of the last one year has exposed your behind. You’ve shown yourself to be a wimp of a president, incapable of holding your own or inspiring a nation.
But this is not the most dangerous aspect of it.
What is dangerous is that you, President Jonathan, have lost the sympathy of those who believed in you and the attention of those who saw, from the very beginning, how empty you were. As the human sacrifices going on in Nigeria continue and as you, Mr. President, continue to dance the night away, at the very end you will be the final sacrifice.
I’m sure there is a part of you that knows this and a part of you that is wallowing in denial.
Mr. President, you’re on course to be sacrificed at the altar of your own naivety. What is sad is that nobody will cry for you because when others were being sacrificed, you did not cry for them.
The tragedy, however, is not that nobody will cry for you; rather, it is that your sacrifice will not be sufficient to pacify the angry souls lost in 97 years of the Nigerian experiment. It takes the sacrifice of a great man with moral authority to wash away sins.
More than any other time in Nigerian history, I am afraid. Not for you, the president. Not for Nigeria, but for the congregation of factors that are once again coming together and setting the stage for our skirmishes to lead to nowhere. If this happens again, our day of reckoning will be postponed even after your sacrifice.
Mr. President, please note that men predict not out of knowledge but out of fear. By stringing together the tears of yesterday and the jeers of today, soothsayers can predict the weird occurrences of tomorrow.
I am not a soothsayer, Mr. President. I only have a hunch. I dare to publicize my hunch not because I want it to come to pass. I do so because I want those who care to be aware and to do everything possible to prevent it. I want them to prove me wrong.
I do not want to say I told you so. At the same time, I do not want those concerned to later say that what happened was a ‘failure of imagination.’ Those who have spared a minute to think about Nigeria are not surprised at the deterioration of today.
For those who know but do not care and those who care but do not know, Nigeria is in danger, but you, Mr. President, are in greater danger.
The more we wait for God to come down from heaven and fight for us, the more we run out of time and options. As it stands now, there are no good options. We can save you, the president, and let Nigeria be sacrificed. Or we can save Nigeria and let you, the president, be sacrificed. We cannot possibly save the two at once.
I wish you a Happy New Year, even though I know it won’t be happy.



I think we should pause in the midst of our flurry preparations and reflect for a moment on the year that has passed. Most of the time I urge you not to look behind you and gaze too long at the past…but there’s no better time than Christmas to take a look back at where you were a year ago today and thank God for how far you’ve come. To sing and celebrate and rejoice and give thanks for the most basic but glorious of blessings: family, friends, hope, joy, LIFE. Because at the end of the day…the REAL joy of life can’t be found in PRESENTS…but in each other’s PRESENCE. And there’s no better gift this holiday season than the presence of the people you love and the people who love you.

A Merry And A Save Christmas To Everyone,


I was motivated to write this, this morning when i saw pastor T B Joshua ministering on the TV this morning, reaching out to the disables and less privilege one’s . Tears roll down my cheek, had goose pimples allover, had to start lookin for my thinking cap to put on.
We never know when some small kindness will forever make a difference in the lives of total strangers. Continuously performing good deeds…even without recognition…now am thinkin of ways to live my best lives as i look ahead to 2012, and with Christmas just one day away, there is no better way to live a better life and to make life better for someone else.
So today, I urge you to commit a random act of kindness or a senseless act of beauty, without any reason. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE SEASON


When Adam sinned, he tried to hide from God. When Peter denied Christ, he was afraid to face him. When Jonah refused to preach to Nineveh, his fear drove him into the ocean, to flee the presence of the Lord.
Something much worse than failure is the fear that goes with it. Adam, Jonah, and Peter ran away from God, not because they lost their love for him, but because they were afraid he was too angry with them to understand.
Anyone who is afraid of failure and afraid to face challenges will never taste success,
As usual, “when things become difficult, and every effort seems to bring disappointment, it can be tempting to lower your expectations or even water down your goals and ambitions.
Success, I believe, comes to the one who dares, even after failure, to think positively and look forward confidently. If I had to give up and do like others did, I wouldn’t be writing this article.
After all, it’s only the experience that makes a man tough.
Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never make it.
It means that it will take a little longer, not that God has abandoned you but he has a better plan for you.
The so-called FAILURE is sometimes good; but it provides us with a learning experience.



That miserable little five-letter word that causes us so much unnecessary torment, pain, and strife. So much so, I had to choose three quotes today instead of the usual one because as we leave 2011 behind, I want us to leave worry on the shelf and give 2012 our best self.
Worry does nothing to make the future better, but everything to make the present worse. Worry doesn’t bring peace, it steals peace. Worry doesn’t spare someone else pain, it causes you pain. Worry is wringing your hands over the people you love when you could be joining hands with the people you love.
Here’s the thing: Worry doesn’t do one thing to change the course of events from happening the way that they were going to anyway. It just leaves you dreading what could happen instead of enjoying what DOES happen. And it is entirely in your control to STOP…to lay down the worry and pick up faith. To realize that there is a bigger plan at work and that God is in control and that by trying to worry yourself out of troubles, you’re worrying yourself out of LIFE. Remember: The rain of life can’t stop you if the umbrella of faith tops you! Make today the day you step out from under the cloud of worry and into the sunshine of faith


(“Adapted from – The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player” By John Maxwell)

Are you desirous of achieving greater results through your team in 2012? Then you
must have a strategy for developing better relationships with your team. This is
a sure way of attaining your team’s strategic goals faster. Practising the steps
below will help improve your emotional intelligence and help you develop solid relationships
that can produce better team results:

(I) Show respect: To build solid relationships with your teammates, you need to start
by respecting them, when you value them and genuinely make them feel important,
they will develop a natural likeness and work more effectively with you. “You earn
respect by showing respect”.
(II) Share Your Experiences: Respect can lay the foundation for a good relationship,
but it takes constant communication and sharing your experiences about your life
journey to build a solid relationship. Doing these will make your teammates learn
from you and they will in turn share their own experiences.
(III) Develop Trust: Respecting your teammates and sharing your experiences with them
will naturally create an atmosphere of trust. You can build on this trust by dealing
ethically with them, and showing integrity in all your decisions. As Scottish poet
George Macdonald rightly observed, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to
be loved”.
(IV) Reciprocate: Always return any good gesture from your teammates and focus on what
you can give or contribute to the success of your team.

By respecting, sharing common experiences; developing trust; and reciprocating every
nice gesture from your teammates, will help you develop solid relationships with
mutual enjoyment and a relaxed working environment with high productivity potential.

“You will never develop common ground with your teammates unless you share common


This is the last week before Christmas…the year is winding down…and I want to take the next several days to focus not on where have been, but where am going. What can we do BETTER in 2012? What can we put behind us to make room for all the good stuff to find us? No matter what happened in 2011, the new year offers the opportunity to start again, better and wiser. Today celebrates rising above. Not letting little people distract you from your BIG purpose. As 2011 comes to a close, I urge you to stop sweating the stuff and the people you should be forgetting. Life becomes breeze once you stop sweating other people! Resolve in 2012 to evolve past small people, small minds, and small opinions. There will always be people running there mouth, but instead of letting them break your heart OR your bones, I urge you to use them to build a more solid foundation. 
Because if you can think it you can do it

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