(“Adapted from – The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player” By John Maxwell)

Are you desirous of achieving greater results through your team in 2012? Then you
must have a strategy for developing better relationships with your team. This is
a sure way of attaining your team’s strategic goals faster. Practising the steps
below will help improve your emotional intelligence and help you develop solid relationships
that can produce better team results:

(I) Show respect: To build solid relationships with your teammates, you need to start
by respecting them, when you value them and genuinely make them feel important,
they will develop a natural likeness and work more effectively with you. “You earn
respect by showing respect”.
(II) Share Your Experiences: Respect can lay the foundation for a good relationship,
but it takes constant communication and sharing your experiences about your life
journey to build a solid relationship. Doing these will make your teammates learn
from you and they will in turn share their own experiences.
(III) Develop Trust: Respecting your teammates and sharing your experiences with them
will naturally create an atmosphere of trust. You can build on this trust by dealing
ethically with them, and showing integrity in all your decisions. As Scottish poet
George Macdonald rightly observed, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to
be loved”.
(IV) Reciprocate: Always return any good gesture from your teammates and focus on what
you can give or contribute to the success of your team.

By respecting, sharing common experiences; developing trust; and reciprocating every
nice gesture from your teammates, will help you develop solid relationships with
mutual enjoyment and a relaxed working environment with high productivity potential.

“You will never develop common ground with your teammates unless you share common


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