I think as a single woman it’s so easy sometimes to feel as though we don’t quite “fit in” with our married friends. We have nothing to offer in the way of “mommy advice”. We stick out like a sore thumb at dinner parties, and if a single girl  darts over to her husband’s side possessively, and all but raises her legs to pee on him simply because he strikes up an innocent conversation with us, we’re going to turn into a character from SNAPPED. ( because……and no offence meant here, but ladies, we don’t want your man)
Am I right? Face it singles…..we have a pretty sweet life. We have ROOM to be who we want to be and to see what we wanna see, even to stretch out on both sides of the bed whenever they darn well please. It’s not that difficult to find the silver lining in our situation. You really have to look no further than fabulous silver RING you splurged on for yourself simply because you COULD ,like the quote says……maybe everyone around you is getting married and having babies and you’re not. But who cares? Anybody can get married  but Not just anybody can be FABULOUS……………….pepeRempe………..peace


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  1. Ms paigne
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 21:39:39

    Go gurl!!! Loving dis article,especially when our married friends tink we don’t “fit” o puleaseeeee! We don’t fit and they come back to us for advise… They even wish they were single! They wanna be us,but they are hooked!! If u ask me? We can fit in anyting and anywhere,cos we know wasup&we def know wat to do to keep our marriage!


  2. olasubomi
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 14:44:43

    Sometimes it is good to be single because you are not under anybody’s control or authority but come to think of it marriage is all about companionship not because your friends are getting married so u want to or because they are making babies.


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