Couple of days ago while I sat down with my iPad on Facebook looking at people’s update profile, who has got new pics, the ones that’ve their profile from relationship to complicated, and what’s going on generally on FB.
So I quickly dashed out to the bank to do some transactions. While I was there saw some two ladies who were deep in conversation, and they were talking about what else MEN!!!!!!!!! So seeing it was an opportunity to give my neck some really overdue stretching exercises, I started to eaves drop on their conversation held my bb did as if am chatting on my phone, the bastard would have gotten damaged dat day you need to see the way I was serious with the phone.
One of the lady started to talk about her EX and how she would never let a man to hit her again and the other talked about how she has prayed to GOD that he should not bring any useless man across her way again.
I swear I couldn’t help but ran into the toilet and started laughin because it was as if the two ladies were acting,  like there is a hiding camera somewhere. They did not even care if someone maybe looking at them or perhaps their so called future husband…….I swear FRUSTRATION na BASTARD ooo i dey  tell you . Finished up with my transaction, and was trying to think of my next step. I realised that I couldn’t concentrate properly so I left for the house.
I mean I’ve come across a lot of women who constantly complain about there being no good men left in this world and as someone who is totally against man bashing and funky attitudes when I see ladies this I instantly concluded that their single status is no ones fault but theirs, and in WILL SMITH’s own words ‘you only got what you deserve’.
Many women place their dating standards at a really high level, you hear a woman say she wants a man who is physically fit, has a car,his educated and has a job that’s pays him into the hundred thousands. But you look at the woman speaking and she’s is so JACKED UP, she has no job, is physically unfit and the only thing that she has that is close enough to a car is When you combine the electronics in her house with furnitures and her blackberry, dat you actually wanna sell it, it will only result in buying KEKE MARUWA.
Okay look at things from this angle, you’re well educated, you’ve got yourself a well paying job and you take really good care of yourself. Tell me something, wouldn’t your standards be raised ? Of course it would, because you have placed a high value on yourself by investing in yourself, so you can never settle for crap. So why the heck would you except someone who has taken the time to invest in himself to settle for CRAP.
Going back to the TITTLE ‘ when Queen is ready, the king will show up’
I used the word Queen and king because I believe on the other side of everyone there is a royal blood. The thing that some people have not come to realise is that we have to be groomed before we can step into our royal opulence. Let take a look at the Queen Esther in the Bible before the Queen was brought before the King she had to go through a beautification process and this process required her to take beauty treatment and be mentored.
This means that we also have to go through a beautification process to be able to receive that king that God has set aside for us, it means that we need to get our spirituality in order and start talking to God. We also need to get our FINANCES in order like the virtuous woman in proverb 31, also I fink we need to learn to develop the habit of constantly educating ourselves so that we can hold a proper conversation without looking like an IDIOTS, I’m sure the dumb blond term has a very interesting history………………………..
As we have managed to work on ourselves and let go of the junk we carry around, we can then start to see the Queen within us emerge and this may even allow us to realise that the guy we fink is King is actually that MERUWA boi,or the next door guy, or even someone else’s own King. It can allow us to fully let go of the boy so that we can make SPACE to receive the king. And just in case you were wondering how you’ll recognise the King, that easy………because when the kING WALKS IN EVERYBODY STANDS UP
I swear am inlove with this piece keep reading it over and over again can’t help myself.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kemi Taiwo
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 20:01:12

    Quite thotful Anu. Keep it up.


  2. anusoyemi
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 21:04:09

    Tanks sis.


  3. kemi Omoyeni
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 23:34:28

    This is fantastic! Reality check for some ladies. Good write up,


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