No person can make me live with a negative attitude. No circumstance, no adversity can force me to live in despair.

Maybe today you’re living with regret. Or anger. Or unforgiveness, Or bitterness, Or unhappiness, Or fear, Or blame. Whether it’s directed at either yourself or someone else it doesn’t matter. Negative mind sets and toxic emotions will leave you locked in a prison of your own making and all the while, YOU hold the key. The time is right to free yourself from the chains of unresolved issues and unforgiven grievances. Continuously clinging to past hurts and wounds and mistakes and expecting your life to be positive and happy is like trying to plant a garden in a garbage can. It just ain’t happening! You can’t talk and think trash and expect everything to come up roses. I only feel pity for those who build CAREERS on a foundation based on putting others down. The void in their lives must be plagued with insecurity?Whether its a song, book, blog….if all u do is stir up beef, hate, hurt, shame and put others down…how will God lift you up?Isn’t it time to trade the WEEDS from the past for the SEEDS of the FUTURE?…………pepeRempe……….peace


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