Mom, Today your birthday
I celebrate you being you,
My extraordinary mother.
You have made such a difference,
Created so much good in my life!
I celebrate your smart mothering,
Your clever creative methods

Of gently molding your beloved child
Into your vision of me:
And much more to achieve
A strong, capable adult,
An unselfish person of good character.
I celebrate your boundless
Physical and emotional energy…
Loving me, leading me, supporting me,
Lifting me when I fall.

On your birthday, Mom,
I celebrate the best thing about my life…
Having you as my mother
Is enough for me
Even thou attimes you peace me
Off with your WAHALA
Calling me everyday like am one UNDERAGE
Which needs to stop now
Cos am a grown up WOMAN

Samantha could remember vividly
How you always serve her two portion of meal While you serve me just one
And how you ever ready to
Settle quarrels between her and her mum
(Your beloved younger sister) and the oyesola’s
Please Lord, protect my mother,
And keep her safe from harm,
For she is a cherished person,
With great wisdom, love and charm.

Lord, it’s my mother’s birthday
So please, help her to see
How much she means to us,
Her loving family…………..PepeRémpe………peace


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